Affordable Post-Pandemic Workplace Solutions

Post-pandemic reopening has begun across the nation, with various states in different phases of reopening.  This necessitates workplace solutions so they can open safely.  Only with these workplace solutions in place can they enhance protections for their employees, customers, vendors and visitors.  Read more about them below:

Affordable Corporate Face Coverings as Workplace Solutions

Recent statistics suggest that you can reduce your risk of exposure to viruses by 70% simply by wearing a face covering or mask.  This is why corporate face coverings are among the best workplace solutions.  Our custom corporate masks allow your business to brand these multiply face coverings to enhance brand recognition.  They are also comfortable, and you can insert a carbon filter in between the layers to enhance protective measures.  Machine washable, they are a great solution over flimsy disposable non-surgical masks.  Whether your business is a retail store, office space, salon, or other kind of business, these are easy workplace solutions you can order and use immediately to reinforce health and safety measures.

Portable Dividers as Easy Workplace Solutions

Many businesses can’t simply move items around to encourage social distancing.  That’s why they need different kinds of workplace solutions.  In businesses such as nail salons, where their spa chairs are hooked into plumbing and immovable, you can still make use of available space in the salon by purchasing one of these easy workplace solutions- our portable divider screens.  Whether you opt for a retractable version or one made of clear plex or PVC, each option allows you to add custom branding as well.  These are thick enough to provide a bit of distance between salon chairs, or even for use in cafés, restaurants, and to separate shared desks in an office environment.  These are affordable workplace solutions intended to put a little distance between people without cluttering the environment or sacrificing style.  You can choose from multiple options to reinforce health and safety guidelines and comply with local ordinances regarding reopening safely.

Sanitizing Stands are Great Workplace Solutions

Whether it’s true we’re not at the end of the first wave of the pandemic or we’re approaching a second wave, the need to wash hands thoroughly remains paramount.  However, when you’re unable to wash your hands, sanitizers provide another level of protection.  Many businesses- from grocery stores to manufacturing sites, office buildings, schools, and more, are opting for workplace solutions such as sanitizing stands to avoid potential crowds in bathrooms.  Sanitizer stands offer touchless opportunities for employees, customers and vendors to clean their hands prior to entry and after exiting the premises.  These can be placed right out front of a store or restaurant, or in the lobby of an office building.  Multiples can be placed throughout the facility to enhance safety measures. 

Social Distancing Graphics

Social distancing is one of the most effective workplace solutions.  However, sometimes people need a little reminder.  Floor graphics and other kinds of signage can provide great reminders to people.  They can communicate new one-way aisles, point safe routes through the store, salon, restaurant or facility, and remind people to distance and wear masks.  If you provide constant reinforcement for healthy habits, it’s more likely that people will follow these recommendations.

As more businesses open up across the country, they’ll need speedy and affordable workplace solutions.  Our items are 100% American made in Las Vegas, NV by American manufacturers.  Upon any graphic approval, you should normally receive your items within days. For more great ideas, ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable Account Specialists.  They can help you find the right solutions for your business.