Brand Management Post Covid-19

As states begin to ease shelter in place recommendations and more businesses open up, it will be important that businesses manage their brand effectively.  Brand management is more than just building your reputation online, though.  It also includes a coherent strategy for how you present yourself offline and experiences with your brand.  Consider the following brand management ideas to help you recover post quarantine:

Brand Management and Community Engagement

For brick and mortar businesses, how you engage with the community will be an important part of your brand management.  This means you’ll need to be an active and empathetic member of the community.  Many people may be afraid to dine in restaurants, work out at the gym, or shop at their favorite stores again after the Covid-19 pandemic has crested.  Your business will need to be able to address their concerns and show your empathy. 

One way you can do this is by introducing signage and decals that remind patrons of social distancing, offering comfort to those who may be nervous going out.  These tools enable your business to show your employees, vendors, and customers that you are concerned for their health and safety first. By being an empathetic member of the community, you can engage in brand management.

Give a Little, Get a Lot in Brand Management

Many businesses have had severe difficulties making any money during the shelter in place orders.  Restaurants relying on take-out and delivery alone found that many could not afford to pay their employees or pay the rent.  Service based businesses such as salons couldn’t make it by selling root touch up kits alone.  To entice people to come back, try offering a special.  During quarantine, many people learned to do things for themselves that they previously had done for them.  This includes cooking, grooming, working out, and more.  Many of these people may not initially see these services as essential to their daily lives.  This is doubly so when many of them also experienced financial hardships during shelter in place orders.

To ensure your brand management is effective, try wooing customers back with a deal.  By giving a little- say a discounted price on certain items or services, you can attract people back and regain their business.  There is a certain amount of trust involved in patronizing these places again and rebuilding that trust can include giving something small away or a discount to gain in the end.  

Participate in Events

A large part of your brand management will be your visibility at events again.  Whether these are small socially distanced food fairs, community events, or larger events that will eventually return, your participation will be critical.  Your absence may cost you customers and financial growth.  Worse, it may not support your brand management goals because people may believe you’ve gone out of business.  When these events return, make sure you are present and have a display or branded table cover to increase your visibility.  How you show up will be important to your recovery.

As states ease their shelter in place recommendations, business will begin to recover in stages.  Each stage may require more effort.  For more great ideas, contact one of our Account Specialists, who can help you with your needs.