Choosing Among Trade Show Display Options

Whether you’re new to exhibiting or an old hand, there are a variety of different kinds of trade show display options available to you.  Over time, your needs may change.  Your trade show budget may change.  You may occupy a different sized space or have new engagement goals.  If you’re left wondering which trade show display is right for you, you’re not alone.  We’ve gathered some need to know information for you to make a more informed decision.  Read through different trade show display options here:

Pop-Up Displays

A pop-up display is one of the most common trade show display options.  Usually reserved for spaces that are 8 ft or 10 ft wide, these displays can range from a simple backdrop to a kit.  The reason they’re referred to as pop-ups is that they are easily assembled by expanding the frame and locking it into place. They come with a backdrop that may be straight, curved, or serpentine.  The more inclusive kits often include lighting that clips onto the backdrop and a hard case that transforms into a reception counter with a wraparound graphic.  These are a great introductory display option for exhibitors in small spaces.  Recent innovations have also included add-on options such as cut out shelving and monitor mounts.  More innovative pop-up trade show display options include much of what’s in a kit plus counter space.  They are an affordable solution for entry-level exhibitors or those who occupy small spaces.

The Tension Fabric Trade Show Display

Tension fabric displays are often simply just a back wall constructed of fabric that will pull taut over a frame that may include angles and curves.  The fabric itself is great for making your back wall look smooth and wrinkle-free.  These come in a variety of sizes up to a 20 ft wide space.  Whether opaque or backlit, the tension fabric trade show display option is often used to build upon.  However, many now include options such as monitor mounts and accessory structures.  Even if you’ve elected for a simple straight tension fabric back wall, you can add to it with items like bridges, tables, monitor mounts, a reception counter, and more.  There are a variety of great options that can make your trade show display look like you spent a lot of money to customize it.

The Hybrid Modular Trade Show Display

The hybrid modular trade show display is built for the serious exhibitor.  These are often very intricate displays that can range from reconfigurable to inclusive of all the bells and whistles.  Sized from 10 ft inline up to 20×20 ft islands, these are affordable options for exhibitors in a variety of spaces.  Common to a hybrid modular trade show display is flexibility and superior craftsmanship.  Although there are a variety of different kinds of hybrid modular displays, they can be scaled up to include all the bells and whistles you could need.  This can include monitor mounts, reception and display counters, illuminated back walls, lights, and shelving.  Pricier than the previous two alternatives, a hybrid modular display is something that you will use for many years to come.  You can refresh the graphics as your messaging changes to ensure you still resonate with show attendees. 

Custom Displays

A truly custom display is not something you can purchase online.  It involves design meetings, renders, and significant investments of time and resources to acquire.  However, you can customize many of the displays we mentioned above.  The addition of items like media kiosks, towers, and more could make your display feel like it is custom made just for you. 

Depending on your budget, goals, and space, you may favor one of these displays over another.  The good news is we have a variety of options available to choose from in our online store.  If you’d like additional guidance, please reach out to one of our Account Specialists for assistance.  They can help you decide on options to meet your needs.