How to Use Digital Technology in Your Trade Show Booth

Technology has become an incredibly important part of exhibiting. Nearly every trade show booth on the floor has some form of digital technology to interact with show visitors and to enhance their ability to sell. If you’re not using technology in your trade show booth, you may be missing out on opportunities. Consider the following ways you can feature technology in your trade show booth, whether you’re in an 8ft inline, a 10×10 or a 10×20 booth space:

Create a Point of Sale Station

Using nothing more than an iPad or other tablet, you can create a point of sale station inside your trade show booth. This means that you can instantly start selling your goods- whether retail, pet, entertainment, and more. It’s as easy as purchasing an iPad or tablet stand to set up an instant point of sale. This can bring functionality to your trade show booth no matter the size. Even smaller exhibitors will be able to reach out to show visitors and make a sale.

Include Video in Your Trade Show Booth

Video has become so commonplace at trade shows now that it’s almost expected in every booth. The reason why is it communicates so much better than one of your booth staffers. Even if your trade show display doesn’t include a monitor mount, there are multiple options for either a separate monitor kiosk or to add a monitor mount to your specific display. This allows you to broadcast product demonstrations, commercials, and more. Consider how easy this makes your job. The lights and motion of a video can capture people’s attention as they walk by and encourage them to come inside your trade show space.

Set Up a Selfie Station

Did you know that you can set up a selfie station with little more than a phone holder and a prop? You can purchase a blow up prop online and station it in front of your tension fabric display and allow people to take pictures with your logo and branding behind them. This is a clever way to interact with show visitors that makes it fun for them.

Technology inside your trade show space is not a new idea. However, if you’re not yet making use of these options, you could be missing out. For more great ideas, ask your dedicated Account Specialist, who can recommend more ideas.