Information Systems to Keep the Public Informed

After over a month of quarantine in many US states, many states are starting to ease restrictions on specific businesses. The rush to reopen the economy will necessitate those businesses that are opening back up to keep the public informed. This means they’ll require information systems that can communicate with the public at a distance, and sometimes, inside the location itself. Try these ideas to ensure you keep the public informed during this uncertain time:

Use Outdoor Signage as Information Systems

With so many businesses closed currently, it will be important to let the public know from a distance that your business is ready to reopen. This means you’ll need information systems such as outdoor signage. Using outdoor signage, you can communicate with drivers passing by that your establishment is now open for business. It also allows you to communicate new hours, adjusted store policies, and more. Even if your business is still only providing pickup and delivery options only, you’ll need information systems to communicate that from the parking lot- before patrons ever approach your front door and decide to test the door handle. Outdoor signage will keep your employees safer with proper social distancing measures being enforced.

Using Banner Stands as Information Systems

For businesses allowing people inside their establishment such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and business support retailers, banner stands will be incredibly useful to communicate with the general public. Banner stands can convey expected social distancing requirements, new checkout procedures, and more. Whether a business chooses a programmable scrolling LED screen such as our North Star Digital Banner Stand to project various messages or a retractable banner stand, these will be important information systems to keep the public informed. As public policies change, health requirements change, and restrictions relax in phases, people will be seeking the guidance only your business can bring them during this confusing time.

Strategically Using Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays come in many formats- from mobile billboards to tents, banner flags, and more. These are incredibly versatile information systems and can be used in conjunction with a variety of different businesses and services. This includes medical and healthcare relief efforts, to provide clearly designated areas for food pick up and delivery, or to provide guidance from the street to the building, communicating the route to safety. Consider how these information systems are often an after thought once a tiny sidewalk sign or handwritten poster board are found to be insufficient. The general public needs something bold and easily noticeable at this time to avoid crowds forming and potentially undermining progress made thus far.

Floor Decals as Information Systems

In many essential businesses, they’re using tape on the floor to mark a distance of 6 feet. This tape peels, gets torn off by shopping carts, and fails to communicate anything about pathways towards the register, social distancing norms, or aisle thoroughfares. Better information systems are floor decals, which are adhesive vinyl. They can instantly communicate the pathway towards the register, aisle thoroughfares, and more. Even better, they instantly show customers, employees and vendors that your business cares about their health and safety.

As our businesses continue to open in phases, it’ll be clearer that the old ways of doing things may not be sufficient. Just having your restaurant logo on the building won’t tell anyone whether it has survived the coronavirus crisis. Information systems will become a necessary and integral part to doing business and drawing in more customers. They will also be integral to assuring nervous customers and employees that you’re concerned for their health and safety. For more great suggestions, contact your Account Specialist who can guide you through a variety of options that makes sense for you.