Light Up Your Pop Up Display For Success

Remember the old movie, “Field of Dreams?” The iconic line in that movie is “If you build it, they will come.” This isn’t necessarily true on the trade show floor. Many great exhibitors erect their pop up display and find lackluster traffic to their trade show booth at best and poor ROI overall if they do attract people to their pop up display. What gives? The truth is, you have to help people find you and discover your products or you really won’t be successful on the trade show floor. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is by adding light to your trade show display. Not convinced? Here’s some reasons why:

Lighting Up Your Pop Up Display Helps You Stand Out in a Crowd

The key to standing out from your neighbors, particularly in a crowded row of 10×10 or 10×20 trade show displays are the basics of great exhibit design: color, light and motion. Light is particularly important on the trade show floor. This is because it’s often dark. Many great exhibits are covered in shadows. Because of that, in the milliseconds to couple of seconds it takes show attendees to notice exhibitors, the pop up display gets missed altogether. Those who choose to light up their displays are able to at least stand out in the row, offering a destination enshrouded in light. This increases the likelihood that they’ll have more traffic stop and notice them, even if they don’t all come in and stop to learn more.

Light Helps Your Products Stand Out in Your Pop Up Display

Brands offering products for sale need to put them under lights. If you’ve gone to the trouble of assembling your products on the back wall of your pop up display and then don’t highlight them, people will easily miss what you’re trying to sell. It becomes a wasted opportunity to haul out product that people aren’t immediately attracted to. This is why light is so important. Many great pop up display kits include either overhead lighting and optional shelving units that you can angle the lighting to highlight.

The Light, Color, and Motion of Video Helps You to Stand Out as a Serious Exhibitor

Media is an incredibly popular element of all exhibits on the trade show floor. Just because your brand is in a pop up display doesn’t mean you can’t also include media. In fact, the addition of media can further establish your brand as a serious exhibitor. Video is the most widely accessible and very popular form of media on the trade show floor. The light that shines from the video, the color, and the motion all capture people’s eyes and make them pause to learn more. It can be a draw to visit your trade show booth over another next door because you’ve got video as a part of your pop up display. To capitalize on this trend, simply add a monitor mount to the pop up display and mount your own LED monitor on it. Start playing testimonials, commercials, or product demonstrations to capture the interest of the crowd and drive them towards your pop up display.

Adding a Dynamic Lightbox Creates Drama and Impact in Your Pop Up Display

What if you were passing by a trade show booth space and started seeing intricate and dynamic light patterns tracing across a light box? You’d stop and watch for a few minutes. By adding a dynamic light box to your pop up display, you can create drama and intrigue inside your booth space. You’ll be able to make that much more of an impact and literally stop people in their tracks so you can engage them to talk about your products further. You may not have the budget of the industry giants, but adding something unique like a dynamic light box can make you appear quite the serious player in the industry. Behold the power of light tracing across a canvas! These little touches all add up to a bigger impact on the show floor.

When you get ready for your next trade show or event, make sure you include lighting options with your pop up display. These can help to set you apart from your competition on the trade show floor without breaking the bank. For more great ideas, contact your Account Specialist who can suggest more great ideas for you.