Make a Splash on the Trade Show Floor with a Dynamic Light Box

Light boxes have come a long way in the world of modular trade show displays.  Now, you can select a dynamic light box to play either a standard or customized series of lights that can accentuate your branding and messaging.  You can make it look like you’ve got fireworks popping off in your trade show booth or you can give the appearance of food items slowly being drank or eaten.  Imagine the possibilities available to you with a dynamic light box!  How can you integrate these into your current trade show display?  Try the following tips:

Use a Dynamic Light Box as Your Back Wall

Whether you’ve got a smaller trade show booth space or a larger one, you can use a dynamic light box as your back wall.  This will create a branded destination in your trade show booth with pizzazz! You’ll be better able to stand out on the trade show floor using color, light, and motion.  After all, these design elements are the most popular because they attract the most attention.  Since your brand wants attention on the trade show floor, this would be a great idea.  You’ll be better able to stand out from the rest of your competitors in the aisle.

Create a Branded Photo Wall to Encourage Interactivity

We’re living in a new Experience Economy these days.  The term, first coined in a 1998 article by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, describes how consumers seek experiences now and the memory of that experience is now the product they consume.  Applying this to trade shows has led many exhibitors to embrace events wherein they provide something fun and memorable.  With a dynamic light box, you can provide a fun and memorable experience as a branded photo wall.  Imagine trade show attendees taking pictures with your branding behind it.  This can encourage them to share the content socially, expanding your brand exposure. 

Display Your Products and Specials in Lights at the Edge of Your Booth

Attract more people to your trade show booth with a strategically placed slim dynamic light box.  The light, motion, and color can be a great conversation starter so your trade show booth staff can dive deeper into your value proposition.  It can also set you apart from the competition by offering something eye-catching in your trade show display.  Similar to a banner stand, this will promote your products and services.  However, the lights dancing across your dynamic light box will attract much more attention.

The attention you’ll gain with a dynamic light box can help set you apart from a row of competition.  You’ll be seen as more polished, more successful, and technologically forward within your industry.  For more great ideas of how to best make use of this new product, consult one of our Account Specialists.  Their years of experience can serve you well.