Maximizing a Smaller Trade Show Budget

The covid-19 pandemic hurt a lot of businesses.  Many were unable to turn a profit or realized a significantly lower profit during this period.  As the country reopens again, it’s important to note that many businesses will be eager to market their goods and services at trade shows again.  However, they may have a much smaller trade show budget.  Instead of their usual 20×20 trade show booth, they may be displaying in a 10×20 trade show space. With this kind of change, businesses will need ideas to ensure they’re getting their money’s worth.  Try the following:

Purchasing a Modular Reconfigurable Display in Your Trade Show Budget

Reconfigurable displays are a great way to maximize your trade show budget.  The reason why is one reconfigurable 10×20 trade show display can also break apart to a 10×10 trade show display and banner stands.  This enables a business to target more smaller regional trade shows where they might target more prospects at a lower cost.  Marketers know that having a cache of various assets in different sizes is beneficial to their efforts and this purchase triples their ability to exhibit at varying shows, fairs, and exhibitions.  These reconfigurable displays are all held together with magnets and easy to assemble again to make a larger display at a larger show. With the variety of options, this certainly maximizes a smaller trade show budget.

Purchase Replacement Graphics Instead of Buying a New Trade Show Display

Often, businesses start to look at their aging trade show display and think of replacing it.  There’s nothing wrong with the display itself.  It’s just outdated.  Instead of spending the money, try replacement graphics.  Messaging or branding may change, but this doesn’t necessitate throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Instead, replacement graphics can bring new life to an older display and maximize a business’ trade show budget.  Instead of spending potentially thousands, a business can spend hundreds and reserve more of the budget for additional events.

Maximize Your Trade Show Budget by Adding Accents to An Older Display

Many exhibitors that wished they would be able to upgrade their aging display are now faced with a new trade show budget.  In order to comply with less available dollars, it may become necessary to just refresh it. To make an aging display look more modern, try adding new accents to it.  This could be things like a monitor mount to play videos, an ipad kiosk kit, or even new shelving.  Smaller budgets could mean more signage, the addition of technology, or new ways to display products inside the trade show booth.  Accents can help transform a display and make marketing dollars go further.  There are many ways in which businesses can maximize their trade show budget.  This list is certainly not exhaustive.  For more great ideas, consult with one of our Account Specialists.  Their years of experience can help your business to find the right trade show solution.