Meeting New Exhibiting Requirements with Your Trade Show Display

As trade shows return to the United States, we’re noticing that there will likely be new demands placed on not only show organizers, but exhibitors.  Post-pandemic crisis, exhibitors and show attendees are likely to be a little nervous.  Show organizers will be trying to hit moving targets to protect the health and safety of their attendees.  New guidelines may have them scrambling to widen aisles, insert more health and safety signage and sanitizing stations among some of the few guidelines currently being suggested.  Exhibitors will also likely have new guidelines for their interactions, how space is used, and more.  Consider the following ways you may need to alter or add to your trade show display:

Include a Sanitizing Station in Your Trade Show Display

When exhibition halls reopen, they’re likely to have hand sanitizing stations at various points on the show floor.  Will you be positioned near one?  Whether you find yourself a long distance from such a station or not, it’s helpful to have a station inside your trade show display.  Products such as our popular bannitizer stand does double duty on your behalf, offering a banner stand to showcase your branding and messaging in addition to offering a place to dispense hand sanitizer.  This can help ensure you’re meeting and exceeding any potential new health and safety guidelines expected of exhibitors.

Streamline Your Trade Show Display

In order to socially distance, you’ll need space in your trade show display.  This may mean refocusing on the most important part of your trade show display- your graphics.  Focus on your branding and messaging on your tension fabric display so it tells a comprehensive story.  Now is the time to review whether you’ve been able to adequately tell your brand story. Use your graphics as a driver to pique people’s interests and leave some of the additional accessories you may have cluttered your exhibit space with to provide more room for distance.  You’ll want to keep your trade show reception counter so you can still greet people or put small products or literature on display.  However, you may want to leave other kiosk items at home unless you plan on continually wiping them down.

Train Your Booth Staff on Behaviors inside Your Trade Show Booth

One of the best ways to improve your trade show ROI has always been to train your trade show booth staff.  However, as exhibiting changes, we’ll all need to train a little differently.  This means training them on the behaviors they’ll need to change or adopt on the show floor.  This may include wearing masks, wiping down any trade show display surfaces that visitors touch, and distancing methods inside the booth.  Hold a comprehensive training for your staff that not only allows them to feel comfortable but will ultimately translate into a safer and healthier exhibiting experience on the show floor.

As trade shows continue to rebound, we’ll all be subject to last-minute regulatory guidelines and last-minute adjustments to help people feel more comfortable exhibiting.  These are only a few suggestions.  More guidelines will form region to region and show to show that will dictate further adaptation.  The new norm may not be a comfortable transition at first, but we will all get through this together.  For more great ideas, please contact one of our Account Specialists for help.