10′ Straight Billboard in a Bag Graphic


The 10′ Straight Billboard in a Bag Graphic Includes:

  • Premium opaque fabric graphic with SEG beading offered with or without end caps
  • No hardware is included in replacement graphics orders- only when ordered as a part of the original 10′ Straight Billboard in a Bag Kit.

Assembled Dimensions: 117″W x 88.94″H x 23.25″D

When it’s time to step out of the startup corner and into a trade show booth of your own, you want to do it in style.  A really great trade show display has the same basic elements- color, light, and motion.  With the 10′ Straight Billboard in a Bag Kit, you have the chance to use light to highlight truly great graphics.  Be bold in your color decisions.  Design something attractive, eye-catching, and with brief messaging.  These will help your graphics to stand out on the trade show floor. Because the graphics are fabric with SEG beading, they appear smooth and professional.  Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) beading includes beads sewn into the edges of the fabric to fit into a frame’s recessed grooves easier.  This makes it appear upscale and frameless.

A trade show display can often last you years- many years of exhibiting at one or many trade shows if you take care of your exhibit and store it in its protective casing.  However, in that time, your graphics, branding, and messaging might outgrow the life of your trade show display.  Instead of throwing it all out and starting fresh, we offer replacement graphics.  This way, you can remain current whether you’ve completely rebranded, are offering a new special, or are promoting a new product.  For different audiences, you’ll want different branding and messaging to ensure you’re always speaking to your intended audience. The affordable price means you’ll be able to switch up your messaging with replacement graphics as often as you need to.

The cost savings by ordering updated graphics instead of a new system means you’ll be able to potentially upgrade more elements of your trade show display.  This could include a reception counter to greet your guests or a banner stand to complement your trade show display. Please view our store for a variety of options.


Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 27 × 17 in