10 Ft Dynamic Backlit Display With Programmed Light Series


The 10 Ft Dynamic Backlit Display Includes:

  • State-of-the-art 50mm aluminum tube frame with snap-button assembly
  • Programmable LED light curtain attaches easily to the top and bottom of the frame
  • Single-sided pillowcase fabric graphics come with an opaque backer
  • Kit includes: one frame, one graphic, four light curtains, two transformers and one wheeled, molded storage case
  • Light curtain animation offered as a service for an additional cost
  • Watts: 1200W
  • Amps: 50A
  • Volts: Dual Voltage 115-230V
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects.

Assembled Dimensions: 120.94″W x 92″H x 25.59″D


Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

When you wander the trade show floor, how do you distinguish a good trade show display from a great trade show display?  The basic elements are color, light, and motion.  With our 10 Ft Dynamic Backlit Display you can combine all three in one display!  This is a truly sophisticated backlit trade show display offering the ability to use a preprogrammed card to control the pattern the lights travel across your backlit trade show display.  There are preprogrammed stock lighting designs or you can select a custom design to truly make your graphics and branding stand out on the trade show floor.

The 10 Ft Dynamic Backlit Display – Key Advantages:

Imagine how jealous your competitors will be seeing your backlit trade show display light up in colorful patterns.  This will capture more trade show attendees’ attention, bringing them into your booth space and can help you to open up conversations with them much easier.  A great conversation piece can do wonders on the trade show floor.  Whether you choose a stock pattern or a customized light series for your preprogrammed card, this will be entertaining and delight trade show visitors.  Stop people in their tracks as they wonder how did you do that?  Then engage them in conversation that you might not have had otherwise.

Despite how complex the lighting sounds, this backlit trade show display is really quite simple to set up.  You won’t need a team of people to set this one up.  It’s still a tension fabric display with aluminum tube frames that snap into place.  Next, you attach the light curtain and then zip the pillowcase graphics over the entire frame.  All that’s left after that is to plug it in to a power supply. Without the need for a team of union laborers to set this up, you can spend the money in your trade show budget on the things that matter.

As your trade show budget increases, we also have a variety of exhibiting extras to add to your display on our website.  This means you can add a trade show reception counter to greet people as they enter your trade show booth, communicate with people via an iPad stand or video monitor stand, and more.  Browse the site to see what you like.


Weight 106.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in


Animation Service

Preprogrammed Card with Stock Designs, Preprogrammed Card with Custom Designs