10 Ft Fabric Backwall Display With Curves


The 10 Ft Fabric Backwall Display With Curves Kit Includes:

  • Toolless assembly; aluminum tube frames connect with snap buttons and all units come with easy-to-use twist-lock feet
  • Kits include banner frames, twist-lock feet, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics and portable carry bags
  • Easy to assemble, store and ship.

Assembled Dimensions: 110.83″W x 96″H x 22.54″D

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When you’re seeking the very best ROI at your next trade show while maximizing your budget, consider our 10ft. Fabric Backwall Display with Curves.  Highly versatile, this piece is magnetic, which can turn separate banner stands into one 10×10 trade show exhibit.  This is part of our reconfigurable trade show display line.  Alternatively, it can be broken down into separate pieces to use with your existing trade show display.  Composed of aluminum tube frames and snap buttons, this is an extremely easy to set up display that gives you extra mileage on your purchase. One purchase can yield you multiple marketing tools to use again and again.

The 10 Ft Fabric Backwall Display With Curves- Key Advantages:

Because of its versatility, you are able to maximize your marketing budget.  Purchasing this trade show display allows you the freedom of also having separate banner stands as well.  Every marketer needs these for events big and small.  Whether you’re exhibiting next at a small regional conference or you have a larger show on the horizon, the 10 Ft Fabric Backwall Display with Curves can handle it all.

Easy to assemble, one person can easily assemble the frame and snap them into place.  The fabric zips up over the frame and appears taut when complete.  It’s an elegant solution to your branding and messaging needs on the show floor without being too complicated or expensive. The 10 Ft Fabric Backwall Display with Curves also includes portable carry bags to protect your display en route to the trade show.  When not in use, they also help keep you organized.

If you’d like to upgrade your carrying cases to hard cases, we have those available for purchase as well.  You can also purchase a wrap around graphic that can easily turn these cases into reception counters or demo stations.

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 110 × 96 × 23 in