10 Ft Straight Backlit Fabric Display


The 10 Ft Straight Backlit Fabric Display Includes:

  • State-of-the-art 50mm aluminum tube frame with spigot assembly
  • LED light curtain easily attaches to the frame at the top and bottom
  • Pillowcase fabric graphic is printed on backlit textile and includes an opaque backer
  • Quick to set up and to tear down
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Kit includes: one frame, one dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic, and one wheeled molded storage case.

Assembled Dimensions: 116″W x 92″H x 26.63″D

Assembled Dimensions: 116″W x 92″H x 26.63″D

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How will you define your presence on the trade show floor?  With hundreds of other competitors vying for the same attention of trade show visitors, there’s one easy way- use the power of light.  When you’re lit up on the trade show floor, you’ll better stand out to the crowd.

Our 10 Ft Straight Backlit Fabric Display is the perfect way to draw the attention to where it belongs- your branding and messaging.  This display is composed of an aluminum tube frame with an LED curtain that illuminates your pillowcase fabric graphics from within.  This helps your 10×10 trade show display to stand out from your competitors on the trade show floor.  Clean, stylish, and modern, this is a wonderful way to make an impact on the trade show floor while staying within your budget.

The 10 Ft Straight Backlit Fabric Display- Key Advantages:

You only have seconds to capture interest on the trade show floor.  What better way to do that than by illuminating your branding and messaging so you stand out from the drab and dull exhibitors wedged in the aisle next to you?  This is not the only advantage, though.

Assembly is quick and easy.  All you do is assemble the aluminum frame, hang the LED light curtain and pull on the pillowcase fabric graphics.  Then zip.  You’re done in minutes and won’t require a team for installation and dismantling.  This easy to set up and easy to tear down item makes it that much easier for you to exhibit, whether yearly or at multiple shows throughout the year.  The molded wheeled storage case allows for easy transport and protection of your trade show display.

As your budget grows, you can easily grow with your 10×10 trade show display by adding a reception counter or a media stand to further communicate with your desired audience.  These are available in our online store for additional purchase.



Weight 92 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in