10×10 Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall with Counter


The 10×10 Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall with Counter Includes:

  • State-of-the-art 30mm aluminum tube frame with snap button assembly
  • Features a 34″ wide counter available in four laminate color options
  • Hardware mounts for a medium sized monitor, max 36″/ 40 lbs
  • Kit includes: one frame, one dye-sublimated pillowcase zipper graphic, stand-off monitor mount, counter, and one wheeled molded storage case
  • Countertop holds max 25 lbs.
  • Stand-off monitor mount with counter: 37.4″W x 92.4″H x 29.4″D.

Assembled Dimensions: 112.06″W x 92.57″H x 43.41″D

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Brand immersion is the new trend on the trade show floor.  Beyond simply offering your graphics to trade show attendees, it’s important to support them with video capabilities.  With our 10×10 Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall with Counter you can capitalize on this immersion trend.

Announce your brand in style with this 10×10 horizontal curve fabric back wall.  Whether at a trade show or another event, you will have the opportunity to show off your custom branding and messaging in style, supported by a built in counter to allow for distribution of materials.  A monitor mount also comes with the kit to enhance your messaging with videos or slides to show off your goods and services.  Once people are captivated by your video content, it’ll ease the transition into a deeper conversation with your sales prospects.

The 10×10 Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall with Counter- Key Advantages:

The busy trade show floor requires you to be able to talk to many visitors as they wander into your trade show booth as much as it requires you to be able to show your goods and services via additional mediums such as via video.  This 10×10 fabric backwall allows you to use multiple forms of media to speak to leads, prospects, and customers alike.  You can use the video monitor mount to play product videos or commercials.  You can use the shelf to distribute pamphlets or brochures or to even set your laptop on to give more in depth presentations.  The additional graphics space allows you more real estate to publicize your brand or your specific products you’re showing at the trade show.

Easy to install and dismantle, our 10×10 Horizontal Curve Fabric Backwall with Counter is high on style and functionality.  Because it’s created with aluminum tube frames, they simply snap into place.  Your dye-sublimated pillowcase zipper graphic just zips up over the frame.  This kit also includes a wheeled molded storage case which allows you to transport frame, graphics, and accessories to and from the trade show floor with ease. For more accessories to increase your ability to immerse visitors in your brand, browse more of our online store.  As your budget grows and your desire to communicate with prospects grows, we can accommodate that with many different kinds of products.



Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 112 × 92 × 93 in