10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit Graphics


The 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit Graphics Includes:

  • Zipper pillowcase fabrics
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  226.26″W x 96″H x 51.97″D

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Every good marketing team knows that they need multiple things in their tool kit to present their brand in various situations.  On the trade show floor, a reconfigurable trade show display kit is the best answer.  This is because off of the trade show floor, it can be broken down into a smaller back wall and banner stands for use in additional events.  This is extremely versatile and handy to use.  This is why you want to pay close attention to your trade show display graphics.  Your layout, how you present the branding, products, services, and images selected need to be able to be used together in one big reconfigurable trade show display but they should also stand alone when used as banner stands or a smaller back wall.

The 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit Graphics- Key Advantages:

Our 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit is created with top of the line zipper pillowcase graphics.  These are soft to touch and also conform really well to structures that feature angles or curves.  Each one of these stands are assembled, a graphic is placed over them, and then they’re held together with magnets.  In a 10×20 space, this looks great.  Your trade show display graphics look seamless.

Because of the sturdy nature of the frame and the magnets, it’s very likely that your trade show display will actually outlive your branding and messaging on your trade show display graphics.  This is why we make replacement graphics available to our customers.  You’ll be able to refresh outdated logos, messaging, tag lines, images, colors, and more.  If you’ve always hated your trade show display graphics, you can update them without the additional cost of having to buy a whole new trade show display.  This allows you to keep using your versatile reconfigurable frame.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 5 × 15 in