10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit


The 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit Includes:

  • Toolless assembly; aluminum tube frames connect with snap buttons and all units come with easy-to-use twist-lock feet
  • Kits include banner frames, twist-lock feet, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics and portable hard cases to carry items
  • Easy to assemble, store and ship.

Assembled Dimensions: 226.26″W x 96″H x 51.97″D

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Are your trade show marketing materials able to be used in multiple event settings no matter the space you occupy?  If not, you might want to look into a reconfigurable trade show display kit.

This is a very attractive and modern reconfigurable trade show display kit.  At 10×20, it can also be broken down to a 10×10 display with separate banner stands.  This is a magnetic kit that snaps together easily, removing the need for complicated union labor installation.  It also provides increased value for your budget, offering you the ability to scale the product up or down according to your trade show booth space.

The 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit- Key Advantages:

Budget-friendly and attractive, the 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit is a marketer’s dream.  The display kit is really a kit offering you many options that you can use at a variety of shows and events.  This offers you the flexibility to exhibit in smaller spaces as well as your 10×20 trade show booth space.  With so many options available, you also don’t need any additional hardware to convert this system into separate items.

A benefit of the 10×20 Curved Reconfigurable Trade Show Display Kit is that it’s also incredibly easy to set up and tear down.  This is toolless assembly, meaning you do not need anything to put it together except two hands.  Start by lining up the frame and then snap it into place.  Next, pull the graphic over the frame and zip it up.  Twist lock feet are also included to ensure stability.

Portable hard cases are included in this trade show display kit.  These cases are great to add a graphic wrap to in order to turn them into a trade show reception counter or demo stations.  No part is wasted in this trade show display kit.


Weight 83 lbs
Dimensions 226 × 96 × 52 in