20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics


The 20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics Includes:

  • 3 zipper pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Replacement tension fabric display graphics do not include hardware; only the original purchase of the kit includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 233″W x 96″H x 27.58″D

When you’re exhibiting in a 20 ft inline booth space, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.  Many exhibitors simply put up a tension fabric back wall, but our FD-2006 tension fabric display kit is something to behold.  It features multimedia mounts, which allows you to broadcast commercials, testimonials, or product demonstrations.  Because of these mounts, you’ll want to ensure your tension fabric display graphics look great and complement the multimedia.

The 20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics- Key Advantages:

We all know how incredibly important your tension fabric display graphics are to your exhibit.  In fact, they are the first thing that show attendees usually see and a major determining factor for whether they’ll visit your booth or not.  These tension fabric display graphics are made of premium zipper pillowcase fabric.  This is a very soft fabric that is also malleable.  It stretches well over frames that include curves and angles.  The 3 frames in the original kit that come together each use zipper pillowcase graphics, which appear smooth after they’re zipped up.  The fabric also helps to stabilize the frame itself.

Because our trade show display frames are durable, they often last through many shows, and even years.  Many exhibitors take great pride in taking good care of their display.  When you realize it’s been a few years and your graphics might not be aligned with your current marketing messaging, you don’t have to throw it all out altogether.  Instead, you can reorder replacement graphics.  This saves you money in your budget that could be used elsewhere such as buying a reception counter if you don’t already have one.

The process for ordering replacement graphics for the FD2006 is quite easy.   Once you purchase the replacement graphics and check out online, we receive your high-resolution graphics.  We use these to prepare a proof for you.  Once approved, we send it along to manufacturing. Usually, our graphics are produced within a 1-3 day time frame.  After they’re done and we’re sure they fit the frame, we ship them out.  It’s that easy.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in