20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006


20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Includes: 

  • Premium aluminum tube frames and snap button/ spigot assembly;
  • 3 x Zipper fastened, stretch pillowcases;
  • Strong polyester fabric;
  • Weighted feet for added stability;
  • Includes 2 monitor kiosks featuring 2 medium monitor mounts, which can hold 40-50″ monitors with a max weight of 75lbs;
  • High-quality graphics printed via dye-sublimation
  • Ships freight.

*monitors not included

Assembled Dimensions: 233″W x 96″H x 27.58″D

20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics

The 20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics Includes:

  • 3 zipper pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Replacement tension fabric display graphics do not include hardware; only the original purchase of the kit includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 233"W x 96"H x 27.58"D


Our 20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 is the 3-piece set of dye-sublimated, tension fabric pillowcases that is high on style and features multiple ways to show off your branding and messaging.  From the backwall surface area to the 2 monitor kiosks with monitor mounts, there are multiple opportunities to communicate with your intended audience.

When you want to revamp your 20 ft Fabric Backwall Kit simply send us your ready to print files or take advantage of our in-house team of graphic designers to bring your concept and branding to the next level.

20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 – Key Advantages:

Made out of strong polyester material, this tension fabric display is produced using the top printing technology for plastic fibers – dye sublimation.  Dye sublimation can accurately recreate vivid colors and is capable of reproducing finer details than screen printing, for example, which recreates images using grids of minuscule CMYK dots.  First, a mirror image of your design is printed onto a special transfer sheet. This is loaded into a specific printer and roll-pressed against the stretch fabric pillowcase at a temperature of 400°F (205°C). The heat causes the dyes from the transfer paper to instantly turn into a gas while simultaneously opening the pores of the plastic fibers from the zipper pillowcase.

By fully imbuing the material with dyes on a microscopic level rather than printing on top of it it, this process alone ensures that you get a more durable, long-lasting print with vivid colors and crisp text.  This process also doesn’t add any noticeable weight to the final product, leaving you with a lightweight pillowcase that is soft to the touch and wrinkle free.

The fabric pillowcases are hand-sewn and can be easily dry-cleaned when needed without any risk of compromising their colors or the integrity of the material.

Assembly is extremely easy.  To assemble this product, simply assemble the aluminum tube frames and monitor mounts according to the set up instructions, pull on the zipper pillow case graphics and zip them up. This process is fast and easy so you don’t have to hire outside help to install or dismantle your trade show display.


Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 233 × 96 × 28 in

20 ft Tension Fabric Kit Model: FD-2006 Graphics

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in