2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk Graphics


The 2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated pillowcase fabric graphic
  • Replacement iPad kiosk graphics do not include hardware; only the original kit includes the hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  30″W x 85.13″H x 23″D


Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

When you purchase a 2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk, it’s not solely about the technology.  Whether used in a trade show setting, pop-up shop, or retail activation, you need to pay close attention to your iPad kiosk graphics.  This is what’s going to draw people’s eyes before they see the monitor or iPad in the setup.  Your presentation of these graphics can entice people to learn more about your products or services or they can make people say pass.

The 2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk Graphics- Key Advantages:

The 2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk is made of a dye-sublimated pillowcase graphic that fits over the assembled hardware.  It couldn’t be easier to set up.  This material is very soft, which is why they often refer to it as pillowcase fabric.  It also looks great once placed over the hardware.  Because your iPad kiosk graphics are dye-sublimated, they’ll be very bold and bright.  They’ll also be fade-resistant and wrinkle-resistant.  These are all positives when many exhibitors just shove their graphics in a bag and call it a day.  The dye-sublimation printing process imbues the design into the fibers of the fabric itself rather than printing on top of the fabric.  This is why it’s so long-lasting.

When your products change, messaging changes, or marketing direction changes, it’s time to order new iPad kiosk graphics.  This is the moment to really consider your layout, color choices, messaging, images used, and logo placement.  How they combine on your 2×4 iPad and Monitor Mount Curved Kiosk is important to attracting the attention of a passerby.  What will you come up with?  If you need assistance in putting together a custom design, select design time prior to check out to have one of our designers assist you from consultation to finished product.

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in