3×8 Single-Sided Kiosk With Monitor Mount


The 3×8 Single-Sided Kiosk With Monitor Mount Kit Includes:

  • 100mm silver extrusion frame
  • Single or double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
  • Kiosk supports 26-40″ monitor*; max weight = 30 lbs
  • Monitor not included.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.68″W x 94.49″H x 25.59″D

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Do you know how much more effective your exhibiting efforts will be on the trade show floor with the inclusion of media?  The 3×8 Single-Sided Kiosk With Monitor Mount Kit is a sleek, stylish way to display media at any trade show, event, in a retail or corporate space. Featuring a printed push-fit fabric graphic, easy to assemble 100mm (4in) aluminum extrusion frame and a single monitor mount, this kiosk is an ideal multimedia display solution.  You’ll have a competitive advantage on the trade show floor with the ability to play video inside your trade show booth.  When you’re in a row of 10×20 and 10×10 booths, this can help you to stand out from the pack and generate more interest in your goods and services.  Similarly, this can help you generate more interest in a pop up or retail space as customers buzz by.

The 3×8 Single-Sided Kiosk With Monitor Mount- Key Advantages:

Add to the versatility of your trade show display by featuring monitors playing commercials or demos of your goods or services.  These attractive 3×8 single-sided kiosks feature a monitor mount that will support up to 25 lbs. expanding your ability to reach your intended audience.

Easy to assemble, everything you need is included in the kit.  Instructions are also included.  One person can easily set up the frame and push the graphics into the channel before finishing set up.  The graphics will appear taut and smooth.  This can help you to expand your branding and messaging in a more comprehensive manner.  When you’re done on show site, you can use this again in your lobby or at another event.

A selection of storage and wheeled storage cases are available for purchase. You can also opt to purchase additional lighting to attach to the top, shining a light on your messaging.


Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 12 in