4 Ft V Leg Counter


4 Ft V Leg Counter Includes: 

  • Rigid sintra graphics and simple extrusion-based frames
  • Locking door
  • Choose from four tabletop finishes: black, silver, natural and mahogany
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • Counter can support a max weight of 20 lbs.

Assembled Dimensions: 46″W x 40.5″H x 22.64″D


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Are you prepared to meet your guests as they enter your trade show booth?  Do you have a dedicated place to have conversations with leads, prospects, or customers inside your trade show booth?  If not, you need to consider purchasing a trade show reception counter to facilitate these conversations.  With graphics included, they also offer you the ability to promote your branding, new products, or logo so people have that information in another line of sight on the trade show floor.  Ensure you have your branding and messaging available at multiple lines of sight to expand your ability to increase your brand exposure.

The 4 Ft Leg Counter is a stylish, portable display that you can use to furnish your trade show booth or take with you at conventions and other retail or business networking events. As a result of its asymmetrical design, it immediately catches the attention of the passerby.  Smart shapes and designs like this make your trade show booth appear elevated and more modern than those around you who might be using the same old boring designs that lead them to fade into the background at a trade show.

4 Ft V Leg Counter – Key Advantages: 

The rectangular graphics pillar is constructed out of a simple aluminum frame that is easy to assemble and features premium sintra graphics. The graphics pillar also functions as a storage space and is fitted with a rear locking door.  Aside from its functional role of aiding the graphics pillar in supporting the countertop, the V shaped counter leg is a neat design feature that helps with your trade show display standing out from your exhibiting neighbors.  For the countertop to cohesively blend in with the rest of your trade show booth design,  you get to choose from four different finishes: black, silver, natural and mahogany.


Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 15 in
Tabletop Finish

Black, Silver, Natural, Mahogany