7 Ft Dynamic Light Box With Programmed Light Series


The 7 Ft Dynamic Light Box With Programmed Light Series Includes: 

  • 100mm 4″ silver extrusion frame
  • Programmable LED light curtain hooks into top and bottom of the frame
  • Kit includes frame, light curtains, single-sided backlit Intensity push-fit fabric graphic, opaque liner and wheeled, molded shipping case
  • Stock or custom animation offered as a service for an additional cost
  • Watts: 1200W
  • Amps: 14.1A
  • Volts: Dual Voltage 115-230V.

Assembled Dimensions: 86.22″W x 94.74″H x 19.75″D


Take advantage of the newest customized dynamic light box on the market!  This 7 Ft Dynamic Light Box with Programmed Light Series offers you the most advanced way to showcase your products on the trade show floor using a modular option today.  Imagine how you could customize a light show to highlight parts of your branding and messaging to use both light and motion to capture people’s attention as they pass by your trade show display?  Alternatively, picture how this will delight shoppers as they pass by in a retail environment.  The lights, the motion, and the power of them combined with your graphics give this dynamic light box the power it needs to draw people to you!

The 7 Ft Dynamic Light Box With Programmed Light Series- Key Advantages: 

Made of durable extrusion frames, the 7 Ft Dynamic Light Box With Programmed Light Series is an impressive way to show off your brand story.  What better way to tell that story than to let the lights trace patterns from your most important graphic and branding elements to the next?  Have your very own light show inside your trade show display!  Don’t forget to order electrical services on the trade show floor!

Easy to install and to dismantle, this kit comes with instructions to easily guide you through the process of putting together the frame, adding the light curtain, and then adding the graphics and back graphic liner.  In almost no time you’re able to have a fully functional unit that plays patterns of lights that will amuse and delight people as they pass by your trade show or event display.

The dynamic light box with programmed lights comes inside a hard molded wheeled case.  This case is sturdy and can help protect your valuable marketing asset from the elements and make life easier during transport to and from the show floor. However, it can also be a handy organizational tool.  When the unit is not in use, it’s just as handy to keep it inside the case to ensure everything stays together.


Weight 129 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in


Animation Service

Preprogrammed with Stock Designs, Preprogrammed with Custom Designs