8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics


The 8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase fabric graphic for backlit displays
  • Replacement backlit display graphics do not include hardware; only the original display kit includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 90″W x 92″H x 26.63″D

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Two of the elements that distinguish a great trade show display from the rest are light and color.  The 8 Ft Backlit Display involves both light and color.  The graphics are backlit display graphics, specially created to allow the light to shine through it brightly.  This helps to garner more attention on the trade show floor.

The 8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics- Key Advantages:

The 8 Ft Backlit Display uses special backlit display graphics.  These are dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase fabric graphics.  Zipper pillowcase fabric graphics are named so because they are soft to the touch.  They also conform to various shapes and angles really well.  These backlit display graphics simply shimmy over the hardware frame and when zipped up, appear taut. They also lend more stability.  The process of dye-sublimation printing makes the fabric really stand out on the trade show floor.  Dye-sublimation combines intense heat and pressure to transfer the design into the fibers of the fabric rather than transferring a design onto the top of the fabric.  This produces especially vivid graphics and bold colors.  Combined with the light in the display hardware, these graphics truly stand out on the show floor.

With such high-quality backlit display graphics, it’s likely you’ll hold onto them longer than your marketing messaging is relevant.  That’s when it’s time to upgrade and replace your backlit display graphics.  Update color choices, branding, messaging, logo placement, imagery, and more in one shot.  Alternatively, you may be seeking another set to communicate different product lines or services to different audiences.  In this case, these affordable graphics are a smart choice to keep on hand.

If you have a resident graphic designer at your office, we can provide you with the template and a location to transfer high-quality high-resolution images to our team.  If you don’t have a designer on staff and want help selecting a new theme, color scheme, or layout, we can help.  If you select design time as a part of this product, one of our graphic designers will consult with you to create a concept that you love.  The designer can assist with everything from image selection to your logo placement to laying out your messaging in the most visible places.

Take a look around our store for more great products that you can add to your existing trade show display.  Put your best foot forward on the trade show floor and increase your trade show ROI.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 10 in