8 Ft Backlit Display


8 Ft Backlit Display Includes: 

  • State-of-the-art 50mm aluminum tube frame with spigot assembly;
  • Long-lasting LED light curtain;
  • Pillowcase fabric graphic that includes an opaque backer;
  • Quick to set up;
  • Easy to store and ship;
  • Kit includes: one frame, one LED light curtain, one dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic and one wheeled molded storage case.

Assembled Dimensions: 90″W x 92″H x 26.63″D

8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics

The 8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase fabric graphic for backlit displays
  • Replacement backlit display graphics do not include hardware; only the original display kit includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 90"W x 92"H x 26.63"D


Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

Getting your trade show booth noticed among hundreds of other exhibitors is no easy task. Often, you only have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention in a row of exhibitors with similarly sized booths.  If they stop to peel an orange, they’ll miss your exhibit entirely.  This is why you need to stand out on the trade show floor in style.  This 8Ft Backlit Display is one of those eye-catching solutions that can get the job done whether you are using it in a 10 by 10 ft booth or as part of the overall modular design of a larger exhibit area.

8 Ft Backlit Display – Key Advantages: 

Take advantage of a friendly price tag on a slim, ergonomically efficient lightbox that will leave you more free space in your booth for other visual activations, merchandise demo stations, or reception counters.

This lightbox features a durable frame made out of strong aluminum tubing that supports a high-quality, dye sublimated stretch fabric pillowcase.

Vivid, dye-sublimation printed graphics on this slim display frame would be remarkable enough, but the long-lasting LED light curtain will showcase them even brighter, making your message and logo even more visible.

To give you an idea of just how reliable the light curtain is, the average life expectancy for a LED bulb can range anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. At 8 hours per day, this interval translates to roughly 7 – 17 years of continuous use for your backlit sign depending upon your care, storage, pulling and packing of the product as well as the amount of times you exhibit with it.

The 8 Ft Display comes packed in a molded storage case to protect your tubing and graphics during shipping and storage.

8 Ft Backlit Display – Assembly Instructions

Wondering how simple this backlit display is to assemble? There are 4 main steps and the only tool you will need is a hex key:

  1. Lock together the frame components using the metal connectors for the corners of the frame and tighten the screws using a hex key;
  2. Hook the ends of the LED light curtain into the designated spaces;
  3. Attach and secure the stabilizing feet for a stable base and stand the frame up on its feet;
  4. Slide on the Pillowcase graphics, fasten the zipper and plug in to illuminate your new trade fair exhibit.
Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in

8 Ft Backlit Display Graphics

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 10 in