Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower


The Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower Includes:

  • Rectangular architectural structure featuring 50mm extrusion frame
  • Push-fit fabric graphics can be placed on any side of the display
  • Monitor Mount kit includes two monitor mounts and attachment hardware
  • Easy to setup, store and ship
  • Kit includes: one frame, four SEG push-fit fabric graphic panels, one opaque liner panel, one monitor mount kit and one wheeled, molded storage case.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.97″W x 120.02″H x 35.97″D

Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower Graphics

The Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower Graphics Includes:

  • 4 SEG push-fit fabric graphic panels
  • Hardware not included unless purchased as a part of the Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower Kit.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.97"W x 120.02"H x 35.97"D


Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

You’ve got a message to get out to the attendees at your next trade show, conference, convention, or event.  How will you convey this message and ensure that you’re able to attract people from across the trade show aisle or even the hall to view your message?  Try our Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower.  This stylish and modern monitor tower features a 3ft wide by 10ft tall tower with four sides and monitor mounts.  You can hang your own monitors on the mounts to play your video messaging.  That could include a commercial, a product demonstration, testimonials, a glimpse behind the scenes, and more.  You’re only limited by your own imagination with this monitor tower.

The Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower- Key Advantages:

Whether you occupy a 10×20 trade show booth space or larger, a monitor tower is a great addition to your trade show display.  The height will attract people’s attention and present a unique element inside your trade show display.  Where your competitors may use a small monitor mount on their back wall, you can have a separate unit that attracts more attention with additional branding and graphics space.  What will you communicate with the extra real estate you gain?

Set up and tear down of this 3ft by 10ft monitor tower is very easy.  This structure is made of an extrusion frame that is quite easy for one to two people to assemble with only an Allen Key (included in the kit with directions).  Once the frame is in place, insert the push-fit graphics into the channels of the frame.  This will ensure they look smooth, sleek, and taut.

The kit comes with one wheeled, molded storage case to transport items to and from the trade show or other event.  Other additional trade show exhibiting extras are available on our site for an additional fee.


Weight 107 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in

Four Sided 3ft x 10ft Monitor Tower Graphics

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in