HP03 3’x3′ Modular Counter Graphics


The HP03 3’x3′ Modular Counter Graphics Includes:

  • UV graphics to work within existing HP03 counter hardware
  • Does not include any new hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: Front Panel: 37.25”w x 35.18”h, Back Panel: 31.62”w x 31.75”h

Over time, your branding and messaging evolves.  Instead of hanging onto old graphics, order a set of replacement graphics.  That way you can always keep it fresh with your trade show reception counter. The HP03 3’x3′ Modular Counter Graphics do not include any hardware, but are made to work with your existing hardware. These are high quality UV graphics that will look great on the show floor.  With these easy to order replacement graphics, you can switch out old logos, promote new products, and announce a new company name as a result of a merger or rebranding.  The sky’s the limit! As your messaging evolves, be sure to order replacements so you communicate with the right audience about the right products, goods, or services.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 38 × 15 in