HP17 20’x20′ Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics


The HP17 20’x20′ Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics Includes: 

  • Four dye-sublimated pillowcase graphics
  • Two dye-sublimated fabric graphic panels
  • Three shaped Sintra UV printed white PVC panels
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware; only the original HP17 purchase includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 240″W x 189″H x 240″D

When you’ve invested a significant amount of your marketing budget in a trade show display like the HP17 20’x20′ Hybrid Modular Display Kit, you have defined yourself as a serious exhibitor.  That means you need to ensure every part of your trade show display looks fantastic.  This hybrid modular display has so many pieces and features but it will come down to the most visible thing in your display- your hybrid modular display graphics.  These are where you’re going to shine.  This is how you’ll get people to stop and potentially wander through your virtual front door.  How will you present your brand?

The HP17 20’x20′ Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics- Key Advantages:

The HP17 20’x20′ Hybrid Modular Display Kit includes a variety of hybrid modular display graphics.  These include 2 forms of dye-sublimated fabric graphics and Sintra UV printed white PVC.  These different kinds of graphics allow you to present your branding and messaging in a professional manner in the different shapes and pieces involved in this 20’x20′ island trade show display.

When you layout your hybrid modular display graphics, it will be important to keep certain aspects of great design in mind- color schemes, where you put your branding and place your logo, the messaging and images that you use to tell your brand story.  These are all important to communicate with your intended audience.  You’ll need to make a connection instantly with these people to attract new business.

If you have a graphic designer in house, we can provide a template for them to layout your high-resolution graphics for printing.  If you don’t, please select design time prior to check out so we can provide one of our talented and friendly graphic designers to consult with you on your layout. This can include color choices, imagery to connect to your branding and messaging, and more.

Please also feel free to look around our online store for more items you may need prior to your next trade show- shipping cases, counters, kiosks, and more.

Weight 50 lbs