Ladder Accent with Monitor Mount and Table


The Ladder Accent with Monitor Mount and Table Includes:

  • State-of-the-art brushed 30mm aluminum tube frame with snap button assembly
  • Hardware mounts for a medium sized monitor; max 36″/ 40 lbs
  • Top and bottom printed infill panels are 3mm PVC
  • Kit includes:one frame, two infill panel graphics, stand-off medium monitor mount, and one wheeled storage/shipping case
  • Kit does not include monitor.

Assembled Dimensions: 23.6″W x 92.7″H x 26.6″D

When you’ve already got a great tension fabric trade show display but your budget increases, you don’t need to buy a whole new trade show display to gain additional functionality.  You can scale with your existing tension fabric display to ensure you can communicate using various mediums such as extra graphics, video playing on your monitor mount, and a table to showcase your products or have deeper conversations with your visitors.

Enhance your trade show or event messaging capabilities by adding a ladder accent with a monitor mount, table, and 2 infill graphics.  This kit works well with our tension fabric back wall displays in either 10′ or 20′ trade show booth space.  When you’ve got small products to exhibit, this can help you to expand your brand positioning.  Place these small consumer goods on the shelf in your customers’ and prospects’ line of sight to ensure they connect your product with your brand.

Ladder Accent with Monitor Mount and Table- Key Advantages:

Competing with other more elaborate trade show booths is less difficult when you expand the amount of space that you can use to communicate with them.  When that space is also affordable, you can use your budget for additional sponsorships at the trade show or to throw an event.  One of the key benefits of the Ladder Accent with Monitor Mount and Table is that it’s easily assembled by your own team.  There is no need to hire out for additional labor that can eat up more of your budget.  Instead, this works well with your existing tension fabric back walls and snaps into place.

This kit also comes with its own hard wheeled shipping and storage case.  This will keep your graphics and frame all in one place and makes for easier transport to and from the show floor.  It can also be used to keep your graphics nicer for longer.  This hard case can be easily transformed into a trade show reception counter by purchasing a graphic wraparound, which is sold separately.


Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 15 in