Rectangular lockable counter reprints (Front & Sides)


The Rectangular lockable counter reprints (Front & Sides) Includes:

  • Reprinted rigid graphics for our rectangular lockable counter
  • Does not include frame or hardware
  • No additional accessories are included by purchasing these reprinted graphics.

Assembled Dimensions: 47″W x 37″H x 24″D

When people enter your trade show booth, one of the first things they see is your trade show reception counter.  This should have your most updated branding and messaging.  It should be inviting, welcoming people through your virtual front door and providing a comfortable space to have an introductory chat.  Because the original Rectangular Lockable Counter is built to last, it’s quite possible your hardware will outlive your marketing.  Graphics are made of rigid material which snap into your existing frame.  These are durable and long-lasting that will serve you well throughout many shows and events.

Your marketing is what drives your success.  So why would you let your marketing age and no longer speak to the right people?  As your tactics and strategies change, your graphics improve, or your tag line changes, you need to change with it.  When you’ve already purchased modular trade show items such as our Rectangular Lockable Counter, there’s no need to panic.  You can simply order graphic reprints to ensure that every time you have something new to share with the world, it’s a click away.  You can order reprints to announce various products, new specials, or just to appeal to new audiences.  Make sure you always communicating effectively by ordering our Rectangular Lockable Counter Reprints.  These are an easy solution to ensure your branding and positioning are always in lockstep with your existing marketing initiatives.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 25 in