Replacement Graphics for Linear Modular V-Leg Counter


The Replacement Graphics for Linear Modular V-Leg Counter Includes:

  • 4 graphic panels
  • No hardware or frame is included
  • No replacement parts or additional accessories are included.

Let us do the magic for you. Our talented and highly experienced designers help you achieve your dream.

Replacement graphics for the Linear Modular V Leg Counter featuring 4 graphic panels to refresh your branding and messaging.  Ensure you’re always delivering the right message to your intended audience with new graphics.  When your marketing tools age, it’s important to ensure your marketing doesn’t age out with it.  This is why you need to keep current with your branding and messaging, tag lines, or graphics.  Instead of throwing out your V-Leg Counter, which can last you years at a time, update your graphics.  This can help you to save more in the long run as you make changes to your existing marketing.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 15 in