Silver Aluminum Information Stand


The Silver Aluminum Information Stand Includes:

  • Clear non-glare protective lens
  • Capability to display in portrait or landscape configuration
  • Two piece collapsible anodized aluminum post
  • Silver anodized aluminum snap-edge frame
  • Silver powder-coated steel base
  • Holds 11″ x 17″ graphic; recommended thickness 1/32″

Assembled Dimensions: 18.25″W x 40″H

When exhibiting at your next industry trade show, you may find you’ve got a need to show off details about your products or goods such as automobiles, off-roading equipment, machinery, and more.  In those cases, it’s handy to have our Silver Aluminum Information Stand nearby to list your product benefits, pricing information, or more.  This sign is made of a powder coated silver aluminum frame that is collapsible.  It is also easily configured to assemble either portrait or landscape size.

The Silver Aluminum Information Stand – Key Advantages:

When you want to easily communicate pricing information, product information, or benefits to visitors at your next trade show or event,  you need a Silver Aluminum Information Stand.  With a clear non-glare protective lens, you’ll keep your graphics and messaging easy to read for your guests.  Imagine being able to communicate this information for multiple items clearly and concisely while other exhibitors struggle without the use of an information stand.

Easy to install, this is a two piece collapsible frame.  You won’t need to hire out extra laborers to install this stand.  The frame snaps together and you have the ability to configure it in either a portrait or landscape size.  That means you can adjust to the environment in which you’re exhibiting much easier.  If space is limited, you may want to choose one size over another.

To keep your information stand nicer longer, we recommend that you also purchase one of our carrying cases.  This can help to protect your equipment from the elements but it can also help you to keep your items organized when they’re not in use.  No more struggling to find pieces in your warehouse or marketing office.


Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 3 in