Reimagining Your Work Space After Covid-19

As the United States begins to slowly reopen, how we work in different environments will be affected for some time.  From manufacturing warehouses to stores to office spaces, there will be a need to create a work space that feels both inviting but also safe.  Employees, vendors, and customers will be looking to you for guidance to help keep them safe in this environment.  How will you adjust your office, store or warehouse?  Try these ideas:

Sneeze Guards in the Work Space

Sneeze guards aren’t only for stores with cashiers or that dispense goods.  They can also be handy items to have at your office’s reception counter.  This can include a space to pass over clipboards for signing in or it can be a simple shield as high as 36”.   When restaurants begin to slowly reopen, they can also have their hostess stands surrounded by these sneeze guards to protect the hostess’ work space.  Cashiers can enjoy sneeze guards as well to help protect them as they interact with the general public.

Floor Decals to Offer Direction in the Work Space

Social distancing floor graphics can be very helpful in any working environment.  In stores, they can point the way safely down an aisle or alert customers where they should be in line to practice social distancing.  In an office environment, they can help remind coworkers the path down hallways and conference rooms.  Manufacturing and health facilities can similarly use these easy to apply decals to communicate safe pathways through the facility.  Not only are floor decals sturdier than a piece of tape, but they are also visually striking.  They are an instant visual reminder of social distancing measures to help keep people safe in any work space.

Banner Stands as Information Centers and More

Banner stands will be incredibly important in any work environment in order to communicate rules such as the use of masks on premises.  They will be critical information centers on premises.  They can let visitors know what to expect and how your business is working to keep people safe.  Health reminders may also be communicated such as frequent hand washing, the use of sanitizers, and more.

However, banner stands can also be a great tool for branding.  This is especially true for stores and restaurants seeking to communicate with the general public.  Nobody will know your policies if you’re not communicating them inside the location.  Gentle health reminders, ways to seek assistance, and how they’ll be served can all be communicated on a banner stand.  For at home workers such as sales people, banner stands can also be used behind their desk as visual branding to show prospects on video meetings.  These are incredibly versatile tools that will become a bigger part of new working spaces.

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Signage

As businesses of every kind begin to reopen, outdoor signage will be critical to the work space.  How will people know that your business is open if you don’t have signage out front?  How will they know that you’re only offering pickup and carry out?  As businesses begin to phase back into operations, outdoor signage will become a necessity.  A sign on the awning or the roof with your logo won’t do and will remain unclear if there’s nothing further to indicate that your business is open. 

We’re all adjusting to a new kind of work environment during the covid-19 crisis.  As we continue to adjust to what may be a new reality for some time, our work environments will have to adapt to meet our changing needs.  To some, these needs will be a sense of reassurance that their health is being looked after.  To others, this will be critical information, branding and wayfinding in a new environment.