The Benefits of Preplanning for Your Trade Show

Trade shows can be large and complex.  There are so many moving parts from securing your trade show booth, purchasing your trade show display, logistics, and to potentially planning any outside events with your team and customers.  That’s why it’s so important to preplan for your trade show.   Find out the benefits you can realize by preplanning for your next show:

Preplanning Allows You to Secure a Trade Show Booth Space at a Discounted Price

When you preplan for your trade show, you can often take advantage of early bird pricing when it comes to securing the booth space itself.  Often, this starts at the current year’s show, but discounts often remain in place up to 8 months prior to the next year’s trade show.  This can be extremely helpful to exhibitors on a budget.  By not waiting until nearly the last minute, your business can save some money on your space.  However, with a discount comes the temptation to go bigger on a booth space and upgrade to a 20×20 space or larger.  Remember you’ll have to fill that space with something other than just a tension fabric display backwall and a rented table and chairs.  Remaining sensible with a discount can help ensure you maximize your trade show budget.

You Can Take Your Time Deciding What Kind of Display You Really Want and Need

One of the benefits of modular displays is how quickly they can be produced and shipped out after graphics approval.  Even the most complex trade show displays can often be produced within 11 days and those involve so many accessories and moving parts that it’s understandable why.  Whether your budget is small and you’re considering mixing and matching trade show display accessories or you’ve got your eye on something larger and more custom looking, preplanning can help.  Starting the process early ensures you’ll be able to make an informed decision and secure your display in plenty of time before the show.

Preplanning Can Help You Keep Trade Show Logistical Costs Lower

We all know the pain of booking flights, hotels, or other transportation last minute for the team.  If your business is still deciding who to bring at the last minute, the lack of prior planning can dramatically reduce your budget.  With preplanning, you can secure better travel deals to ensure the team arrives and stays in reasonably priced accommodations.  The extra room in your budget can allow for events at the trade show that you might not have otherwise been able to plan. 

Events Might Be More Affordable for Your Team

Often, businesses with smaller budgets don’t have the ability to throw an event- whether that’s a happy hour inside your show booth or a dinner with customers after the show.  When you preplan your show, you can often save money in your budget to plan such an event.  Consider booking your event early as well and you may be able to get more creative.  This could include a golf outing, happy hour, or a pricy dinner with customers.  With preplanning, your team may be able to realize the benefits other brands enjoy at a trade show to forge new partnerships or solidify customer relationships.

There are many benefits of preplanning for your next event or show.  Much of the cost savings can either be reinvested into your display or they can be used for fun activities.  For more great ideas, consult with our dedicated Account Specialists.  Their years of experience can help guide you through the process.