Trade Show Marketing Tips to Generate More Traffic

When your company attends a trade show, you’re hoping large amounts of people will come through your virtual front door.  This doesn’t happen solely because you set up your trade show display in your space.  You’re competing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other exhibitors for attention.  Instead, to encourage people to visit your booth space, you need to engage in trade show marketing.  Not sure where to begin? We’ve got the tips:

Buy the Show List to Market to People

Often, the show organizers offer a show list to exhibitors about 2 to 3 months prior to the show opening. If this is available to you, this is a great way to start your trade show marketing.  Your marketing team can start sending out email marketing to alert prospects, leads, and show attendees which booth space you’ll be in and your sales team can start calling them.  This powerful combination of trade show marketing techniques can help drive more traffic to your booth.

Engage in Trade Show Marketing on Social Media

One of the best parts about social media is that it’s free and everyone uses it.  That makes it a naturally good fit for your trade show marketing efforts.  Every show has a unique show hashtag that you could be using when you share your content.  Mention your booth space, include a call to action to visit you at that space and use that show hashtag as well as industry hashtags to get the word out. By engaging in trade show marketing on social media, you increase the likelihood that your industry peers will find you and visit you at the show.

Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising

If you’ve got the funds, try a pay per click advertising campaign targeting the show as a part of your trade show marketing.  For example, if you attend an annual technology show, bid on a long tail keyword string associated with that show.  The long tail keyword strings will be less competitive and often mirror how people search for information.  This is an effective and often underutilized form of trade show marketing.  People are searching for answers to questions they have about the show.  And your ad mentioning your booth space number can pop up.  This is just another opportunity to get in front of the people you’ll want to meet with at the show.

If you’re searching for more effective trade show marketing techniques, ask one of our helpful and knowledgeable Account Specialists.