Use Your Trade Show Budget Wisely

When trade shows return, many businesses will not have the same kind of cash flow they previously enjoyed.  Many businesses will be attempting to refill dried pipelines and increase revenue streams.  Their trade show budget may be significantly less, forcing exhibitors to downsize their booth space or find more options.  In these cases, they’ll need to maximize their show budget with new options. Consider the following tips:

Using Your Trade Show Budget on a Hybrid Modular Display

A hybrid modular display option may be the perfect solution to exhibitors used to more expensive trade show rentals.  These are displays that are made for the serious exhibitor.  Expensive in comparison to a pop up display or a tension fabric display, these come with many more bells and whistles.  Securing one, particularly if it’s also reconfigurable, can maximize your show budget.  This will give your marketing team another tool to use at regional shows when your trade show budget increases again.  Instead of opting out of your show because you don’t have a larger space, downsize with a hybrid modular display instead.

Get Creative within Your Trade Show Budget

As many exhibitors fluctuate in their trade show budget, it will necessitate getting creative.  A 20×30 space can be salvaged if it’s already paid for.  Instead of going big on a trade show rental, think outside of the box.  Your trade show budget may be better served by positioning a 10×20 back wall creatively in the space, the use of light boxes, a reception counter, and a hanging sign.  Together, they’d be much more effective than spending money not currently in the trade show budget.  Instead of renting these options, you can instead purchase them for additional use outside of the trade show at other events. 

Downsize and Spend Your Budget on Splashier Accessories

By downsizing to a 10×20 trade show booth space instead of a 20×20 or larger, exhibitors will be able to save more of their budget and instead use accessories to grab more attention.  In a 10×20 space, a dynamic light box programmed display will capture more of people’s attention.  Additionally, backlit options combined with media kiosks and a hanging sign can be great attention getters to set your brand apart from others in similarly sized booth spaces.  They’re also budget friendly for exhibitors who’ve downsized.

As you plan for your next trade show, you’ll want to keep your show budget in mind.  There are options available to help exhibitors seeking to get in front of and stay in front of their customers, prospects and leads.  For more great suggestions, contact one of our Account Specialists today.